NYT: Op-Ed: Bring Donors Out of the Shadows

April 3, 2011- The billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch have drawn sharp criticism for their extensive giving to libertarian causes. Though some of their organizational ties are public, many are unknown, thanks to a provision in the tax code that allows the Koch brothers and other donors, on both the left and the right, to conceal the recipients of their largess, even as they get to write it off on their taxes.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: require all nonprofit organizations that engage in political advocacy to reveal their donors.

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Talking Points Memo: As Voter ID Laws Spread Across Statehouses, House GOP Telegraphs Anti-Voter Fraud Bill

April 1, 2011- With voter ID laws popping up in Republican-controlled statehouses across the country, could a federal bill be far off?

According to data from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, at least 27 state-level voter ID bills — from Alaska and Arizona to Wisconsin and West Virginia — have been proposed in recent months.

"It's unbelievable, probably half the states in the country have bills in play and more than a dozen are seriously in the pipeline," Tova Wang of the left-leaning think tank Demos told TPM in an interview. "It's really unprecedented in terms of geographic scope. I've never seen anything like it certainly since I've been working on voting rights issues that voter suppression bills would be introduced in so many places at the same time."

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Federal judge dismisses free speech challenges to campaign funding

Groups argued against provision that gives candidates extra money if outside spending reaches threshold

March 31, 2011- A federal judge in Madison on Thursday dismissed two challenges to Wisconsin's law on the financing of Supreme Court elections, a law being applied for the first time in the race that's on the ballot Tuesday.

Wisconsin Right to Life, joined by the Wisconsin Center for Economic Prosperity and school choice advocate George Mitchell, had sought an injunction to halt the public financing process for the election. They contend the law violates their free speech rights under the First Amendment.

In a 39-page opinion and order, U.S. District Judge William M. Conley denied the plaintiffs' motions and granted judgment to the defendants, which include the Government Accountability Board, the secretary of state and the district attorneys of Milwaukee and Waukesha counties.

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