Kris Kobach and His 5,313 Fraudulent Voters

The voter-fraud crusaders who run President Trump’s electoral-integrity commission have found their holy grail: evidence that large-scale illegal voting swung a pivotal Senate election in 2016. In his latest column for Breitbart News, Kris Kobach, the commission’s vice chairman, called it … Read More

On Voting Reforms, Follow Illinois, Not Texas

In the face of America’s abysmal voter participation rates, lawmakers have two choices: They can make voting easier, or they can make it harder. Illinois made the right choice this week, becoming the 10th state, along with the District of Columbia, to … Read More

Vote Fraud Crusader J. Christian Adams Sparks Outrage

J. Christian Adams claims there’s an “alien invasion” at the voting booth. Adams, a member of President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission, is dedicating his life to cleaning up registration rolls around the country and trying to prevent non-citizens from … Read More

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