Huffington Post: What Is Prison-Based Gerrymandering?

-By Jeff Reichert.

September 3, 2010- The issue of prison-based gerrymandering has gotten a lot of ink lately around the country, so to better explain it for a wider audience, I thought I'd open up this space to one of my favorite people I met during the making of Gerrymandering: Peter Wagner of the Prison Policy Initiative. Peter's been almost single-handedly beating the drum on this issue for a few years now, and has scored a number of significant legislative successes thus far in his fight. I won't be surprised if we look back a few years from now and find that he's fixed this problem in every state across the country. He's proof positive that individuals can still create major change in a dysfunctional political climate.


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Pacific Standard: Prison-Based Gerrymandering Dilutes Blacks’ Voting Power

A new report concludes some majority-black legislative districts are penalized because of the way the census bureau counts their imprisoned residents.

-By Emily Badger

June 3, 2010- Sixty-six percent of the inmates in the state of New York come from New York City. But 91 percent of them are incarcerated upstate, in communities where they have long been counted by the U.S. census.

On paper, this means prisoners belong not to the communities from which they’ve come (and to which they eventually will return), but to places where they can neither vote, check out a library book or attend a local school.

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