Blue Cheddar: Wisconsin’s new Voter ID Law Causes Confusion in Neenah

-By Appleton Wonk

November 5, 2011- The other day I received a call from a friend of mine, I’ll call her Jane. Jane was very upset and confused because of the letter her father received from the city clerk of Neenah, Patricia A. Sturn. The above letter was her source of confusion. It was sent to “permanent absentee voters.” This letter tells people they need to send their photo ID to the city clerk in order to continue to receive absentee ballots. Her father didn’t want to do this. I didn’t blame him and told her that we would get it sorted out.

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St Petersburg Times: Promoting civic involvement shouldn’t be a crime

October 27, 2011- In an effort to provide a hands-on lesson in civic responsibility, New Smyrna Beach High School teacher Jill Cicciarelli simply wanted to register 50 of her students to vote. But what began as a routine exercise in democracy could result in Cicciarelli facing thousands of dollars in fines for violating a new state law that needlessly complicates voter registration. In their zeal to suppress the vote to gain a political advantage, Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature have made it a crime for high school teachers to help students register to vote and prepare them for a life of civic engagement.

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Alternet: Were U.S. Elections Sold to Corporations So Clarence Thomas Could Reward His Friends?

The ethical problems posed by Thomas' involvement in the Citizens United case hardly mark the end of questionable behavior by Thomas and his wife, Ginni.

-By Adele M. Stan

October 30, 2011- When Clarence Thomas took his seat before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991, things were not looking good for him. Anita Hill, a former employee of Thomas' at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, came forward with explosive allegations of sexual harassment against the judge, and she was a credible witness. Thomas needed more than a Hail Mary to survive his confirmation hearing; he needed a major assist.

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Huffington Post: House Democrats Tell States to Fight ‘Disturbing Trend’ Of Voting Laws

-by Mike Sacks

November 3, 2011- House Democrats have penned a letter to the secretaries of state urging them to "put partisan considerations aside" and fight against the "disturbing trend" of voting laws being enacted across the country.

Introducing the letter at a press conference on Thursday afternoon, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) called these state laws a "form of voter profiling that makes it difficult for people of certain groups to participate" in the democratic system.

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RAW Story: Bernie Sanders: Citizens United ruling ‘basically insane’

-By Eric W. Dolan

November 2, 2011- Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday night slammed the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United decision and supported legislation to overturn it.

Democratic Sens. Tom Udall of New Mexico and Michael Bennet of Colorado introduced a constitutional amendment on Tuesday that would overturn the ruling, which gave corporations and unions the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections.

Sanders told Olbermann he thought passing the constitutional amendment was possible, despite the inevitable opposition from conservatives.


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Alternet: Senators Introduce Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United Ruling, PFAW Announces Support

-By Kristen Gwynne

November 1, 2011- People for the American Way (PFAW) is officially commending Senators Tom Udall (D-NM) and Michael Bennet (D-CO), among others, for introducing and supporting a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling that upheld corporate personhood and protected the right of corporations, as people with protected free speech, to throw money into politics.

According to the

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