Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Republicans withdraw redistricting lawsuit with state Supreme Court

-By Patrick Marley

December 2, 2011- Madison – A group of Republicans asked to withdraw one of its two lawsuits over recalls on Friday, two days after the state Supreme Court asked detailed questions about of its efforts.

The group of Republican citizens asked the high court last month to appoint a panel of three circuit court judges to hear its arguments that any recalls of state lawmakers be held in newly drawn districts that favor their party. If the court declined to form the panel, they asked for the high court to take the case itself.

In orders issued Wednesday and Thursday, the court ordered the Republican group, as well as Democratic ones, to file memorandums on the case by Tuesday. They asked pointed questions, including whether it should defer the case because of a six-month-old federal case over the new election maps filed by one of the Democratic groups.

On Friday, the Republican group's attorney, Eric McLeod, filed a one-sentence voluntary withdrawal of its petition with the high court.

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Salon: Goldman Sachs announces presidential run

The conglomerate becomes the second corporate person to enter the 2012 race

-By K.M. Breay

November 25, 2011- Goldman Sachs, the global investment bank and financial services firm, announced Friday morning that it is running for president of the United States. The announcement was made at a farm near Waterloo, Iowa, by the musician Ted Nugent, who was hired to speak for the candidate. “We love oil and God and gasoline!” shouted Mr. Nugent, as he held aloft two semiautomatic machine guns and a sleeve of red-white-and-blue-painted grenades. “And we hate them people who don’t look American and drive those weird tiny cars and use big words!” Mr. Nugent kept his remarks brief and did not mention the candidate, Goldman Sachs, by name. At the end of his speech, the outspoken musician fired off several rounds of live ammunition, screamed, “Let’s go eat a live bear!” and then charged into the woods with the frenzied crowd following behind.

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Huffington Post: Karl Rove’s ‘Fully Coordinated’ Super PAC Ads Drive The FEC To Deadlock

-By Paul Blumenthal

December 1, 2011- In a Thursday session featuring a lengthy and testy exchange between two commissioners and the repeated invocation of comedian Stephen Colbert, the Federal Election Commission deadlocked on a 3-3 vote on yet another controversial campaign finance issue raising the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

American Crossroads, the multimillion-dollar conservative super PAC linked to Karl Rove, had sought to run a variety of ads featuring members of Congress. The question before the FEC was whether super PAC ads featuring a member of Congress would violate the coordination ban, which blocks certain interactions between independent groups like American Crossroads and candidate committees.

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