Schumer Makes Concession To GOP With Hopes For One Vote On DISCLOSE Act

Senate Democrats have offered a compromise to Republicans in hopes of getting just a solitary vote tomorrow on sweeping campaign finance disclosure laws.

Addressing GOP concerns that the DISCLOSE Act — which would require unprecedented transparency from organizations spending on campaigns — was authored in an attempt to change the course of the 2010 elections, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced on Wednesday that he will move the start date for the legislation until next year.

"We are willing to change the effective date to January 2011 so that it won't apply to this November's election," Schumer said. "Even if we didn't take this step, the reality is, we are late enough in the election cycle that the law could not realistically take effect in time for this fall. But to show we are willing to work with Republicans, we would offer this as an amendment if we can get onto the bill."

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Obama’s Saturday Address Slams Citzens United Decision

September 18, 2010: In today's weekly address, Presdident Obama spoke about the Citizens United decision, and the gaping loophole it has opened in campaign finance laws. He warned that 'shadow groups' were running deceptive attack ads through front organizations, with no requirement to disclose the source of their finances. Mr. Obama described the flood of right-wing special interest money in the current election cycle as a "power grab" by the Republicans.

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