• ‘Chicken hawk piece of trash’: Vets unload on Trump for attacking Dem senator’s military record
Why Does Citizens United Need to be Overturned?

America's Futrure Now Conference: Curbing Money Politics, one of the featured panels at the conference; Donna Edwards, Dick Durbin and Jesse Jackson discuss the implications of the Citizens United decision, and its effect on our country's future if left unchecked.

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Pacific Standard: Prison-Based Gerrymandering Dilutes Blacks’ Voting Power

A new report concludes some majority-black legislative districts are penalized because of the way the census bureau counts their imprisoned residents.

-By Emily Badger

June 3, 2010- Sixty-six percent of the inmates in the state of New York come from New York City. But 91 percent of them are incarcerated upstate, in communities where they have long been counted by the U.S. census.

On paper, this means prisoners belong not to the communities from which they’ve come (and to which they eventually will return), but to places where they can neither vote, check out a library book or attend a local school.

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NYT: Don’t Let Corporations Gut DISCLOSE Act

A NYT editorial blasted big business and the US Chamber of Commerce for attempting to gut the DISCLOSE Act with a host of amendments. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/06/opinion/06sun3.html It urged Congress to reject these amendments and pass the strongest bill possible. We concur that the only amendments that should be allowed are those that make the bill stronger.

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Protect Our Elections Officially Launched

Today we officially launched this campaign. Please spread the word. We cannot afford another election that denies millions of citizens their right to vote. Please take a few moments to sign the petition so Congress knows that you want these election protection measures passed this year. We need your help and your support.

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Internet Voting Worries Cybersecurity Experts

NY Times reports that three million military votes could be cast via email/Internet creating conditions for rigging elections. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/09/us/politics/09voting.html?scp=1&sq=states%20move%20to%20allow%20overseas%20and%20military%20voters&st=cse A paper ballot requirement would help secure these votes.

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DISCLOSE Act Passed Out Of Committee

On Thursday, May 20, the House Administration Committee passed the DISCLOSE Act and sent it to the full House for a vote. http://www.legalnewsline.com/news/227260-campaign-disclosure-bill-moves-to-house We urge everyone to contact their Congress Members, sign our petition, and demand passage of this bill so corporations cannot spend millions in secret to elect candidates who will put profits over people.

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