Shadow groups have spent nearly a quarter billion dollars on 2010 election: analysis

RAW Story, October 27, 2010- Karl Rove's American Crossroads has drawn a lot of attention for its high-profile fundraising and lavish spending on congressional races. But Rove's group, it turns out, isn't the only one at the plate. A detailed analysis of campaign spending by cloak-and-dagger "shadow groups" — who are able to shift vast sums of money into campaign advertising and affect the outcome of competitive races — show that the groups collectively have spent nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in the 2010 cycle.

Money has already ruled the roost in American politics for years. But a recent Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, cleared the way for independent special interests groups to raise unlimited amounts of cash from companies, unions and individuals to run ads expressly supporting or opposing federal candidates for office.

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Corporate campaign ads haven’t followed Supreme Court’s prediction

Companies and unions have been able to avoid the transparency called for in the court's landmark ruling. Spending on next week's midterm election has been exorbitant.

Chicago Tribune, October 27, 2010- The Supreme Court sent a wave of corporate and union money flooding into campaign ads this year, but it did so with the promise that the public would know — almost instantly — who was paying for them.

"With the advent of the Internet, prompt disclosure of expenditures can provide shareholders and citizens with the information needed to hold corporations and elected officials accountable for their positions," Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote in January. "This transparency enables the electorate to make informed decisions and give proper weight to different speakers and messages."

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NBC: Micheal Isikoff Predicts $250M For American Crossroads

October 21 2010- On NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, Michael Isikoff predicted that Karl Rove's Americian Crossroads PAC would raise $250 Million- mostly from wealthy, anonymous donors- in this election cycle. This is far beyond the earlier predicted figure of $75 Million. In this clip, Isikoff explains the connection between the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, and the flood of money pouring into this election through special interest groups:

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Obama’s Saturday Address Slams Citzens United Decision

September 18, 2010: In today's weekly address, Presdident Obama spoke about the Citizens United decision, and the gaping loophole it has opened in campaign finance laws. He warned that 'shadow groups' were running deceptive attack ads through front organizations, with no requirement to disclose the source of their finances. Mr. Obama described the flood of right-wing special interest money in the current election cycle as a "power grab" by the Republicans.

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