Murdoch is the Orwellian Vision of Our Time, a Direct Threat to the Survival of Democracy

Originally blogged by Mark Karlin of Buzzflash

July 14, 2011- Sometimes, we are so caught up with battles over survival issues – such as jobs, Medicare, Social Security and health insurance – that we forget that the larger frame of political conversation is being shaped elsewhere.

Rupert Murdoch's Fox "News" in America not only serves as the farm team for GOP presidential and other Republican contenders, but it is also the most powerful news force in shaping the terms of our national political debate. Through a combination of "catapulting the propaganda" (thank George W. Bush for that phrase), contributions to US politicians, and targeted media attacks on "opposition" political figures – among other nefarious strategies – Murdoch has done more to bolster the current climate of plutocracy in the US than any other individual.

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