Salon: Voter fraud retires shameless GOP official

A lot of Republicans complain about voter fraud. Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White actually committed it

-By Brad Friedman

February 27, 2012- It’s OK if you’re a Republican. Even if you commit voter fraud. Even if you are found guilty of three felony counts of voter fraud by a jury of your peers. Even if you are found guilty of six felony counts overall. Even if you are the secretary of state – the chief election official – of the first state in the union to institute polling place photo ID restrictions which Republicans claim are meant to prevent voter fraud but actually succeed only in keeping longtime voters (like 80- and 90-year-old nuns) from being able to cast their previously legal votes.

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Think Progress: Convicted of Voter Fraud, Republican Indiana Secretary of State Accuses Gov. Daniels of Same Crime

February 6, 2012- On Friday, then-Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R) was convicted on six felony counts of voter fraud, theft, and perjury and removed from his office. Yesterday, he took to Fox News Channel to defend himself. Calling Indiana a “land of men and not laws,” White vowed to appeal what he called a “total miscarriage of justice” and a “perversion.” Then, White accused Gov.… Read More

The Brad Blog: Do Romney’s 2010 Tax Returns Reveal Voter Fraud?

-By Brad Friedman

January 23, 2012- The conventional wisdom is that Mitt Romney has been attempting to withhold his tax returns from public scrutiny so that we'll not learn just how small the percentage is that he pays on his enormous income (which is said to be largely reported as capital gains, and thus taxed at just 15%.)

But there's another interesting issue that could be revealed when he releases his 2010 tax returns on Tuesday, as promised.

Remember last June when little-known Republican candidate Fred Karger filed a complaint with the state of Massachusetts charging that Romney committed voter fraud by using the unfinished basement of his son's house in Belmont, MA as his address for voting purposes after he'd sold his own him there in 2008, rather than registering to vote at his $12.5 million ocean front home in La Jolla, California or at his $10 million compound in New Hampshire?

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