Think Progress: Gov. Walker Accused Of Over 1,000 Violations Of Campaign Finance Law, Could Face $557,500 Fine

-By Scott Keyes

January 11, 2012- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) may have violated his state’s campaign finance law over 1,000 times in the 2010 gubernatorial campaign by failing to properly report contributions, according to a new report.

Wisconsin law requires gubernatorial campaigns to disclose information about contributors who give more than $100. Again and again, Walker appears to have skirted that requirement.

One Wisconsin Now examined the Walker for Governor’s finance records and found 1,115 instances where the campaign received contributions of more than $100 but did not properly disclose who gave the money. In total, “Walker has improperly reported well over $500,000 in contributions from inside and outside of Wisconsin,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. According to the group, which has filed a complaint with the state Government Accountability Board, Walker’s violations could result in a fine of $557,500:

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“It’s Viral!” The Movement to Overturn Citizens United Swamps the Internet

Comedian Lee Camp ("Moment of Clarity") helps democracy advocates take their message about the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision "viral." Starring Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation, Jim Hightower, Laura Flanders, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, and Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's. Cute cats, babies, Mentos and More! Concept/Produced by Negin Farsad, Justin Krebs, Vaguely Qualified Productions, and Living Liberally. Exec produced by the We the People Campaign.

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Omaha.Com: Voter ID bill pulled from agenda

-By Martha Stoddard

January 13, 2012- LINCOLN — A bill that would require Nebraskans to show government-issued photo identification to vote has been pulled from the legislative agenda.

Legislative Bill 239 had been expected to come up for debate next week.

The bill's sponsor, State Sen. Charlie Janssen of Fremont, said Thursday he asked to have the bill pulled because he wants more time to counter misinformation from opponents.

"I wanted people to educate themselves on it," he said. "It's a pretty watered-down ID bill."

But Janssen vowed the bill won't go away.

He said he or another senator will name it as a priority bill for the year, which means it would have a good chance of being debated this session.

A coalition of more than more than 20 civil rights, advocacy and other groups has mounted a campaign against LB 239.

Senators opposed to the measure have filed numerous amendments, which would ensure a lengthy debate.

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Huffington Post: Mississippi Voter ID Law Rejected Overwhelmingly By Blacks, Supported By Whites

-By Trymaine Lee

January 12, 2012- When Mississippi residents last year voted in favor of a ballot initiative amending the state's constitution to require voters to present government-issued photo identification at the polls, it was seen as a strong public affirmation of the Republican initiative.

Unlike nearly a dozen other states that recently pushed similar bills through their legislatures against waves of opponents arguing the laws were unconstitutional and would disenfranchise minority and elderly voters, the people themselves in Mississippi had spoken: 62 percent for the amendment, 38 percent against it.

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RAW Story: Nebraska Democrats blast ‘voter suppression’ bill

-By Eric W. Dolan

January 12, 2012- The Democratic Party of Nebraska on Wednesday slammed a proposed voter ID law, which they claimed would deter low-income, elderly, disabled, and minority citizens from voting.

“This bill is a blatant attempt to prevent Nebraskans from exercising their constitutional right to vote,” said Jim Rogers, Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party. “It is a solution looking for a problem and it is wrong for Nebraska. We call on the Legislature to defeat this bill.”

The bill, LB239, would require voters to submit government-issued photo identification at the polling booth before casting a ballot.

“I do not assert that there is rampant voter fraud in Nebraska. Nebraskans are honest and forthcoming people,” said Nebraska Sen. Charlie Janssen (R), who proposed the legislation. “But we are also not naive. Elections are very important to ensure voter support and electoral accountability.”

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Huffington Post: John McCain Blasts Citizens United Ruling

January 12, 2012- WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain says the Supreme Court ruling that led to formation of super PACs was "one of the worst decisions I have ever seen."

McCain, whose name has been synonymous with the push for campaign finance reform, also says, quoting, "I predict to you that there will be huge scandals associated with this huge flood of money."

McCain was referring to Citizens United, the court's 2010 ruling against limits on spending by independent organizations. The justices based their decision on freedom of speech principles.

A super PAC supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney ran negative ads against former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in Iowa. Gingrich says the spots substantially harmed his campaign. And Gingrich now is benefiting from similar spending by a group running anti-Romney ads in South Carolina.


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