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Clinton Lawyer Marc Elias Among Those Behind Major New Voting Rights Lawsuit in Wisconsin

Here is how the complaint for the lawsuit filed in federal court in Wisconsin begins: This lawsuit concerns the most fundamental of rights guaranteed citizens in our representative democracy—the right to vote. That right has been under attack in Wisconsin since Republicans gained control of the governor’s office and both houses of the State Legislature in the 2010…


DC Circuit Reverses District Court Decision Denying Crossroads GPS’ Motion To Intervene In Public Citizen v. FEC

Crossroads GPS, the beneficiary of a favorable decision by the Federal Election Commission, moved to intervene as a defendant in a suit challenging the Commission’s ruling. The district court denied intervention, finding Crossroads’ interests were aligned with the FEC’s Office of General Counsel’s, which was defending the ruling. The court concluded the Office of General… Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.