The Nation: Loophole Allows Saudi Arabian Businesses to Spend Freely in Our Election

-by Lee Fang

October 11, 2012- Some Republican bloggers have circulated what seems to be a complete dud of a story about foreigners donating discretely to the Obama campaign using credit cards. Yesterday, Josh Israel demolished what was left of the pseudo-scandal. There’s actually a more significant loophole that should give anyone pause.

Foreign corporations can in fact influence American democracy in pernicious ways. For instance, how can Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich countries keep us dependent on fossil fuels? Well, thanks in part to the Citizens United decision, a new loophole allows foreign corporations to spend unlimited, undisclosed amounts on American elections.

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Addicting Info: RNC Sues To Allow Unlimited Anonymous Donations

-By Nathaniel Downes

July 1, 2012- The one remaining stronghold of campaign reform, in light of the Citizens United decision, has been that direct contributions to candidates remains restricted, that corporations could spend freely in elections but not directly contribute to political parties. In a lawsuit filed last week, as reported by the Washington Post, the Republican National Committee is attempting to overcome even this restriction, allowing the parties themselves to accept unlimited, unaccountable and anonymous donations.

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POE Sends Letter to FBI & SEC Demanding Criminal Investigation of Koch Industries Under FCPA

October 3, 2011- In a blockbuster story broken today by Bloomberg, it has been revealed that Koch Industries has been flouting the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, paying bribes to foreign officials to secure contracts in six countries since 2002.

Koch industries has also sold millions of dollars worth of petrochemical equipment to Iran. This was done through foreign susidairies in order to get around the US trade ban. Additionally they have , stolen oil from federal land and engaged in price fixing while violating environmental regulations and lying to about it to regulators.

POE has sent a letter to the FBI and SEC demanding an investifgation of these and other charges.

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Mount Pleasant Patch: Couple Indicted for Illegal Donations to Graham

Campaign denies knowledge of illegal donations funneled from German businessman.

-By Adam Crisp

September 19, 2011- A Mount Pleasant business owner faces a multi-count federal indictment for a scheme to donate thousands of dollars in illegal campaign money to the re-election campaign of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

Federal authorities allege in April indictments that were unsealed Monday that Jian-Yun “John” Dong took more than $30,000 from a German national and funneled the money through illegal sources from 2007-09 to support Graham’s re-election campaign.

He also used money from the German businessman to make donations to the Graham’s political action committee Fund for America’s Future.

Graham’s campaign on Monday said they have cooperated with investigators and they noted that in the indictment it notes that the campaign was not aware of the violations.

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