Washington Post: Activist Cornel West among 19 people arrested for protesting on steps of Supreme Court

-Associated Press

October 16, 2011- Author, commentator, civil rights activist and Princeton University professor Cornel West has been arrested while protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court about corporate influence in politics.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman says 19 people were arrested Sunday afternoon after they refused to leave the grounds of the court.

Ann Wilcox, an attorney and legal adviser to the protesters, says West was among those arrested. West attended the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall before joining the October 2011 Stop the Machine protest in Washington’s Freedom Plaza.

The protest is marking 10 years since the start of the war in Afghanistan and has an anti-war and anti-corporate greed message.

West is a well-known left-leaning academic whose books include “Race Matters” and “Democracy Matters.”

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Huffington Post: Clarence Thomas’ Questions, Part 2: The Final Flurry

-by Mike Sacks

October 15, 2011- Justice Clarence Thomas was sworn in to the Supreme Court on Oct. 22, 1991, and for the rest of the '90s could be counted on to chime in a few times a year (or every other year) with questions to the parties presenting their cases before him. But by the early 2000s, the questions had slowed to the point that the lawyers appearing before — and other justices sitting on — the late-era Rehnquist Court had little reason to expect to engage with Thomas during oral argument.

The birth of the Roberts Court brought new hope. Three times during the 2005-06 term, Thomas leaned forward and, instead of reaching for a brief per his ordinary routine, he turned on his microphone and made his concerns known. These contributions, although paltry relative to those of his colleagues, constituted an inquisitorial deluge compared to the silence streak Thomas has maintained ever since.

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Mother Jones: Chart of the Day: Clarence Thomas’ Non-Disclosure Form

-By Stephanie Mencimer

October 5, 2011- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is under fire from Democrats and liberal advocacy groups who contend that he may have violated the Ethics in Government Act by failing to disclose the sources of income for his wife Virginia Thomas. Places like the Heritage Foundation, which has been a vocal opponent of the Obama health care reform law, were paying Virginia Thomas large amounts of money during the years that her husband reported she had no income. (The health care law, of course, is likely to come before the Supreme Court in the next year.)

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