Ginni Thomas Joins The Daily Caller. But That Wont End Questions For SCOTUS

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March 22, 2011- Ginni Thomas, founder of the Tea Party lobbying group Liberty Central and wife to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will be joining the news blog The Daily Caller.

Thomas joins the group founded by Tucker Carlson and former chief policy advisor to Dick Cheney Neil Patel to bring her "energy and enthusiasm" as a special correspondent interviewing key political and community leaders.

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The FCC is considering a rule that would require disclosure of the groups behind the groups funding attack ads.

Who Writes The Check? Group Wants Voters To Know by Peter Overby If you live in a political battleground state, you probably remember being bombarded last year by TV attack ads — including ads from Citizens for Strength and Security, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies, and other vaguely named entities. Advocates of transparency in political campaigns are still looking for a way to make public the sources of money behind those groups. On Tuesday, an advocacy organization called the Media Access Project will ask the Federal Communications Commission to impose new rules. READ MORE AT NPR.ORG

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Cleveland Leader: Florida Felons Disenfranchised – Ohio and Wisconsin next?

2012 Presidential Election Could be Impacted

March 17, 2011- A new Florida rule stops felons from voting long after they’ve served their time. Is it tough-on-crime posturing — or a way to keep Obama from winning the state in 2012?

The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with one out of every 32 Americans locked up or on probation or parole at any given time. But some lawmakers think that’s not quite harsh enough.

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Buzzflash: The Big Banks Run the Show

March 21, 2011- On January 21, 2010, the US Supreme Court handed over what little was left of this nation's pretensions to democracy on a silver platter to the Big Banks and the US Chamber of Commerce. The case was titled Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission and the Court's decision removed all limits on corporate campaign contributions. Elections are now a sham proceeding at every level of the US government. The vast majority of the American people who no longer participate in the electoral charade are the smartest among us. The willfully ignorant and delusional still cling desperately to their faux-alternative Democratic politician or their Tea Party Republican politician with the tin-foil hat.

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Open Secrets: Federal Election Commissioner Donald McGahn Criticizes ‘Overreach’ of Campaign Finance Regulations

March 21, 2011- It isn't too often that a top Federal Election Commission official fesses up to not enforcing campaign finance laws, but that's exactly what Donald McGahn, a Republican commissioner of the FEC, did Saturday.

"I'm not enforcing the law as Congress passed it," McGahn boasted regarding the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, commonly known as McCain-Feingold after its chief congressional sponsors, in a keynote speech at a symposium at the University of Virginia Law School. "I plead guilty as charged."

McGahn's admission of "guilt," however, came with a catch: He argued that it wasn't his job to enforce this law as Congress passed it.

Instead, he said, the commission's job was to enforce the law as it's been upheld by the judicial branch of government.

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Huffington Post: For Public Financing Reform, All Eyes on New York State

March 19, 2011- According to Jessica Wisneski, Legislative and Campaign Director of Citizen Action of New York, New York State is in an ideal position to enact legislation for the public financing of statewide elections. And, given the crippling blow dealt to national campaign finance reform by Citizens United v. FEC, New York's precedent has the potential be a game-changer on a national scale.

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Press Release: Reform Groups Call on President Obama to Move Quickly to Nominate Five New FEC Commissioners to Fix Rogue, Dysfun

via Public Citizen, March 15, 2011-

In a letter sent to President Barack Obama today, eight reform organizations expressed "our grave concern about the dysfunctional Federal Election Commission which is spectacularly failing to meet its statutory responsibilities to administer and enforce the nation's campaign finance laws."

The reform organizations included Americans for Campaign Reform, Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Democracy 21, League of Women Voters, Public Citizen and U.S. PIRG.

According to the letter from reform groups:

As a result of its failures, the FEC itself has become a national campaign finance scandal.

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