March 16, 2011- The group Protect Our Elections is looking to get Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas disbarred in Missouri. He would still be on the Court, but face a possible investigation by the Justice Department.

POE attorney Kevin Zeese says Thomas committed multiple violations of the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct. (See full complaint here.) Zeese asks the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel to take immediate action against Thomas, including disbarment.

The accusation is that Thomas willfully failed to report income.

The complaint alleges that Thomas breached his duty and violated the Rules of Professional Conduct by knowingly and willfully failing for 20 years to state truthfully his wife’s income. The complaint also alleges that Thomas also labored under a financial conflict of interest by failing to disclose $100,000 in support of his nomination by the Citizens United Foundation when he heard the now-infamous Citizens United case. Finally, the complaint alleges, Justice Thomas made ruling that his wife benefited from financially and professionally and that, by extension, benefited him.

A bill targeting Thomas that would require Supreme Court justices to reveal more information about potential conflicts with cases before them has been introduced by Democratic Congressmen Anthony Weiner (NY) and Chris Murphy (CT).



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