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Five Thousand Dollar Reward Offered For Evidence Of 2016 Election Hack

Protect Our Elections, www.protectourelections.org, is a non profit organization in the United States dedicated to free, fair and honest elections.  News and intelligence reports have stated that hackers tied to the Russian government hacked into our election systems in order to rig and corrupt the election to benefit the Republican Party.  We are therefore seeking…


One Hundred Thousand Dollar Reward Offered For Evidence Of Election Fraud

Protect Our Elections, www.ProtectOurElections.org, which strongly supports the democratic principles of transparency and honesty in the electoral process, is offering at least a $100,000 reward to any person or persons who provide conclusive and verifiable evidence that the results of the 2016 presidential election were not correctly tabulated because of one or more of the…


Election hacking threats prompt U.S. to hasten aid to states

A spate of hacking attacks has put U.S. states on edge, with election officials rushing to plug cybersecurity gaps with help from the federal government. Nine states have asked for “cyberhygiene” scans in which the Department of Homeland Security looks for vulnerabilities in election authorities’ networks that are connected to the internet, according to a…

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