Protect Our Elections,, is a non profit organization in the United States dedicated to free, fair and honest elections.  News and intelligence reports have stated that hackers tied to the Russian government hacked into our election systems in order to rig and corrupt the election to benefit the Republican Party.  We are therefore seeking hard evidence to prove these claims and therefore we are offering insiders, hackers, or government officials up to a $5000.00 reward to provide us with documentation, recordings, emails or other hard evidence that support these claims.


Please contact us at [email protected]

One thought on “Five Thousand Dollar Reward Offered For Evidence Of 2016 Election Hack”
  1. Needs to be more like a million $ to get the information you are looking for. This is a life-threatening, career-ending act of whistleblowing you are contemplating. I hope whoever knows comes out of the woodwork or out from under their rock. But I would expect it’s going to take a lot more. Esp after what happened to Snowden. Now if Snowden were to receive a PARDON from the NEXT PRESIDENT, ie Hillary…Trump is not a President in any way shape or form….it is possible ANSWERS WOULD FOLLOW.

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