Is The Election Rigged? Yes, But Not As Trump Says

Recently, Donald Trump has been complaining that the election is “rigged.” He points vaguely to recent federal court decisions that have struck down some voter ID provisions, and he has predicted wholesale voter fraud. Study after study has shown that … Read More

Brad Blog: Clay County, KY Election Officials Sentenced to 156 Years in Election Rigging Case

ALSO: Voting Machines Impounded in Perry County, KY

May 9, 2011- It is now officially impossible to know whether thousands of paper ballots being counted in the state of Wisconsin's Supreme Court election "recount" are the same ones actually cast on Election Day. It didn't have to be that way, unlike in Kentucky, where the voters never had a chance, and where high-ranking election officials have now been sentenced to more than 150 years in federal jail following "decades" of manipulated elections.

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