Protect Our Elections is a new campaign to push for passage of pending national legislation to protect the votes and public elections of millions of Americans. We have identified common sense federal legislation that will help ensure the fairness of elections, starting with the 2010 mid-term election. It is necessary to call on Congress to demand passage of these important bills.

Specifically, passage of legislation to stop unfair voter challenges, purging of voter rolls, felon disenfranchisement, misleading election information, unlimited corporate financing, and mandatory photo IDs in federal elections will protect voters this year. In addition, a strong, paper ballot requirement, to be fully implemented by 2012, will help protect our elections in time for the next presidential election and mitigate the threat from Internet voting.

You can help in the following ways:

1) Sign the petition to tell your Congress Members to pass this pending legislation. Every person who signs on will have their name added to a second petition that we will deliver to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid demanding quick passage of these bills.

2) Call your Congress Members and tell them that you want strong election protection legislation supported by passed this year. Enough delay! No legislation is more important than that which shores up our increasingly vulnerable electoral system. You can find the phone numbers here.

3) Urge your friends and favorite organizations to join with this campaign to protect our elections by calling on Congress to act now!

4) Spread the word through social networking tools so this campaign goes viral on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Let us know when you post something so we can add it to this site.

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