We have been pounding Congress with calls and petitions to pass the DISCLOSE Act, with another alert to thousands of our members today in time for the vote. Our over 7500 petitions and thousands of calls helped make the difference according to the folks in Congress. And guess who lost — The Chamber of Commerce which just issued a statement blasting the vote: "The Democratic majority in the House jammed through a piece of legislation that clearly violates the Constitution, as well as basic principles of fairness and equity. The Supreme Court calls it 'viewpoint discrimination,' and every first-year law student knows that it's illegal." This feels pretty good. Let’s keep it up. A lot of people thought that the Disclose Act would never pass the House but we did not give up or give in. Please make sure to let your friends know that we have succeeded so far but the fight is not over. And if they have not yet signed on the petition, please ask them to do so. Again, thanks to all of you for your terrific effort.


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