Today, our Protect Our Elections attorney, Kevin Zeese, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him, under the Voting Rights Act and the Constitution, to ban electronic DRE voting machines used in states across the country. In short, the letter argues that the recent South Carolina Senate Primary race was the last straw in the tragic DRE experiment that has undermined so many elections over the past decade. The Voting Rights Act prohibits discrimination and requires observers to "observe the tabulation of the vote." DREs discriminate by flipping, losing and deleting votes without any recourse, and no one can observe the tabulation of a DRE vote because it is done electronically and in secret. The Equal Protection and Due Process clauses require that votes cast in the same election be counted equally and to the same degree. However, those who vote by absentee or other paper ballot are the only voters who can be assured that their vote will be counted, while the DRE votes are diluted through various factors. While our Protect Our Elections campaign is supporting paper ballot legislation, AG Holder has the legal authority to ban DRE machines thereby requiring paper ballots in all future federal elections.


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