Clarence ThomasFebruary 28, 2011- Incredibly, Justice Clarence Thomas appears to have taken a page from the playbook of Muammar Gaddafi, according to this report from Politico. At another political speech before the Federalist Society Student Symposium, Thomas lashed out at his critics and applauded his wife Virginia for being a tea party activist. Like Gaddafi, Thomas defiantly said that he would not back down in the face of criticism.

Well, for Justice Thomas’s edification, he may not have any choice. Today we filed a bar complaint charging Justice Thomas with committing crimes, engaging in conflicts of interest that enriched his ethically challenged wife, and failing to report $100K in support from Citizens United. This complaint is in addition to our complaint to the Department of Justice to prosecute him for filing 20 years of false financial reports.

Justice Thomas is corrupt and he has corrupted and stained the Supreme Court. Despite this, he wants special treatment and thinks he can back down his critics with another “high tech lynching” broadside. Fortunately, this is not 1991, and people here are not going to be bamboozled or dissuaded by ominous threats from on high anymore than the people in the streets of Libya are threatened by the corrupt strongman there. Both have their days numbered.


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