Clarence Thomas wants a fight about his lying to the American people. So let's give it to him.

Here are the facts. Thomas' wife earned $700,000 from half the radical right-wing ideologues in Washington. Opposing health care reform was her specialty.

For 13 years, Clarence Thomas didn't disclose a penny of that income, even though he was legally and ethically obligated.

Thomas is trying to conceal a blatant conflict of interest. His family is getting rich off an issue that's very likely to come before the Supreme Court.

So 250,000 of us demanded he recuse himself from cases about health care. We must have struck a nerve because Thomas went apoplectic, accusing you and me of "undermining" the Supreme Court because we dare question a single justice's impartiality.

This week was another big financial disclosure deadline — and the beginning of the next round of our fight.

These financial forms are a matter of public record, typically made available within 30 days of the filing deadline. But when a Supreme Court justice has broken the public trust repeatedly for over a decade, we deserve to know right away what conflict he has.

Stand with me to force Clarence Thomas to release his disclosure ASAP. We need to know how big a conflict Thomas is bringing every day to our Supreme Court.

There's clearly something fishy going on when a U.S. Supreme Court justice claims his wife's income was "inadvertently omitted due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions" — especially when those instructions are, "Spouse's Non-Investment Income — If you were married during any portion of the reporting year, complete this section."

Already there are questions about Mrs. Thomas' 2010 earnings at Liberty Central, a right-wing action group she founded in 2009. She claims she had no salary — the COO of the organization says otherwise.

Clarence Thomas shouldn't hide the truth behind stalling tactics. Stand with me today and demand he publicly release his financial disclosure immediately.

Click here to pressure Clarence Thomas to do the right thing and make his financial disclosure public right away. It's long past time for him to come clean.

Thanks again to the 250,000 people who are already standing with me to hold Clarence Thomas accountable. Our work has been a great success so far.

But Thomas is gearing up for a fight. And, as a guy from Brooklyn, there's no way I'm backing down. I need you in my corner one more time.



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