Protect Our Elections Applauds Rep. Anthony Weiner's Demand for Justice Clarence Thomas to Immediately Disclose His Financial Statements

Group Urges Department Of Justice To Apply "Equal Justice" To Thomas

WASHINGTON, May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Yesterday New York Congressman Anthony Weiner called on Justice Clarence Thomas to immediately release his 2010 financial disclosure statements.

"Thomas is trying to conceal a blatant conflict of interest. His family is getting rich off an issue that's very likely to come before the Supreme Court. … There's clearly something fishy going on when a U.S. Supreme Court justice claims his wife's income was 'inadvertently omitted due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions'– especially when those instructions are, 'Spouse's Non-Investment Income — If you were married during any portion of the reporting year, complete this section.' Already there are questions about Mrs. Thomas' 2010 earnings at Liberty Central, a right-wing action group she founded in 2009. She claims she had no salary — the COO of the organization says otherwise. Clarence Thomas shouldn't hide the truth behind stalling tactics. Stand with me today and demand he publicly release his financial disclosure immediately." has been on the forefront in calling for Justice Thomas to be held accountable for his unethical conduct. The group filed a complaint with the Missouri Bar requesting that it disbar Justice Thomas, and sent a letter to the Department of Justice requesting his prosecution. The group also exposed Virginia Thomas' unethical relationship with the astroturf Liberty Central Consulting scam.

"Justice Thomas believes that he is above the law even though the Supreme Court building in which he works has carved on its face, 'Equal Justice Under Law,'" said attorney and spokesman Kevin Zeese. "For months, we have been calling for the Department of Justice to ensure that equal justice is applied to Clarence Thomas. He filed false disclosure forms for 20 years in order to hide his wife's income, he withheld information from litigants in the Citizens United case about that group supporting him with $100,000 during his nomination process, and he and his wife financially benefitted from his decision in Citizens United. This is blatant corruption on a grand scale that, if unpunished, will undermine respect for and confidence in the entire Supreme Court. We again urge the Department of Justice to move quickly to investigate and prosecute Justice Thomas."




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