-By Tim McCown

June 15, 2011- For to long time now America has appeared to have a two tiered system of justice. If you are not among the top 5% of the population America has the highest percentage of its population of anywhere in the world in prison and yes that includes China. If you are one of the privileged few increasingly it would seem there are no rules or laws you are duty bound to abide by. Just look at the Wall Street bankers and now apparently Justice Clarence Thomas.

First reported on Brad blog Justice Thomas appears to have knowingly and willfully falsified financial disclosure forms that hid over $700,000.00 his wife recieved from organizations like Heritage Foundation for over ten years.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Justice Thomas. It would seem during the contentious hearings on Thomas Supreme Court nomination a group gave Thomas a huge boost by running attack ads against Senators known to be considering voting no on Thomas confirmation. That group was Citizens United.

Twenty years later Thomas voted in favor of Citizens United without either disclosing his conflict of interest or recusing himself as he should have ethically done. Citizens United v. FEC has resulted in a virtual corporate takeover of our political system because of the unlimited Corporate cash that can now be spent and not disclosed in our electoral system.



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