Rupert Murdoch is rapidly losing allies on both sides of the Atlantic, with his media empire under pressure from all sides. Journalist Afshin Rattansi believes Murdoch still has some "ammunition" to battle his enemies. "[Murdoch] basically had newspapers so that he could manipulate monopoly concerns over his broadcast interests which actually did make money unlike the newspapers. Newspapers are just tools of war," Rattansi said. "It is interesting that he owns these newspapers and they always say Rupert Murdoch loves newspapers." "He has lots of enemies out there," Rattansi added. "He probably has lots of ammunition to hurl back at them, thanks to all those muckraking journalists who spent their time looking at sex scandals." Rattansi admitted that Murdoch still has a lot of friends, but for him it seems like "some MPs find it unbelievable that he has the right to own any form of media in this country."


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