October 16, 2011- The people of Wisconsin can see just how corrupt Scott Walker and the Fitzwalkerstan Cult are regarding campaign contribution limits are when it comes to recall elections.

When someone runs for governor, Wisconsin law allows individuals to donate no more than $10,000 limit to their campaign. But, oddly, if a governor is being recalled, there is absolutely no limit for individuals to contribute campaign donations to their campaign, thanks to a loophole that was meant for times when recalling governors was something that would never have to happen.

Walker can receive contributions with no limit while his recall challenger can only receive up to $10,000 from individuals. While Walker and the Fitzwalkerstan cult are moaning constantly about policies made by the Government Accountability Board regarding access to recall forms online and other issues, they are conveniently silent when it comes to this tucked away loophole in campaign contributions for governors being recalled in Wisconsin Legislature: Chapter 11 Campaign Financing:

(13m) Contributions utilized for the following purposes are not subject to limitation by this section:
11.26(13m)(a) (a) For the purpose of payment of legal fees and other expenses incurred as a result of a recount at an election.
11.26(13m)(b) (b) For the purpose of payment of legal fees and other expenses incurred in connection with the circulation, offer to file or filing, or with the response to the circulation, offer to file or filing, of a petition to recall an officer prior to the time a recall primary or election is ordered, or after that time if incurred in contesting or defending the order.

The recall season on Walker and other Republicans will begin on November 15, 2011 and at least 540,208 signatures (25% of the 2,160,832 votes cast in 2010) will be needed by January 17, 2012, where the Government Accountability Board will review the validity of the signatures and also deal with court challenges. It will probably be spring 2012 before an official decision authorizing the recall election is made. Meanwhile, no limits in campaign contributions for Walker will be in place.



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