After three extensions, Virginia Thomas finally filed her Liberty Central 2010 990 tax return with the IRS. It is readily apparent why she delayed its release as long as legally possible. First, Liberty Central took in close to a million dollars in 2010 and spent a majority of its income on salaries and wages. Second, Virginia Thomas took a whopping $120,000+ in salary herself. Third, Liberty Central lists “other” for $389,306 and “other salaries and wages” for $285,412. Third, Liberty Central spent $140,717 on information technology.

This 990 raises serious questions that need answering. First, what did Virginia Thomas do to deserve $120,000+ in salary? Second, what did Liberty Central do in 2010 to spend a million and a half dollars? Third, how could a it spend 140K on information technology when it didn’t do anything and had a cut and paste website and ran its operations out of a UPS box. Fourth, what could possibly cost 400K under the heading of “other.”

We have asserted that Virginia Thomas created Liberty Central in order to funnel money to her and her husband for his vote on Citizens United. We have asserted that Liberty Central was created in a form of judicial insider trading in order for Virginia Thomas to take advantage of the decision in Citizens United. This 990 appears to confirm these assertions.

We now reissue our demand for a criminal investigation of Clarence and Virginia Thomas for fraud, corruption, bribery and violation of honest services.


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