-By karoli , January 18, 2012-


You'll be pleased to know that the "fair and balanced" news channel is hot on the trail of voter fraud trials. Well, at least, a voter fraud trial that involves Democrats. Megyn Kelly is anxious for everyone to be informed about a trial taking place in Troy, NY involving absentee ballots and Democratic officials. It's an ugly case, and several officials have pled guilty already.

But here's what Fox News fails to mention: It was caught. Caught, without voter ID laws in place. That's an inconvenient fact that is worth pointing out.

This report from Megyn Kelly also failed to emphasize another fact: There are some serious cases of Republican election/voter fraud taking place now. Therefore, I've decided to balance Ms. Kelly's seriously tilted report. Here is a small list:

  • Indiana's Secretary of State and chief voting officer, Bill White, was removed from office after it was determined he was not eligible to be on the ballot. Further, he is charged with three counts of voter fraud.
  • Voter suppression in Maryland in 2010, where Republicans paid for 100,000 robocalls to Democratic households telling them to sit back and relax and not vote, because the election was sewn up. A Republican operative was convicted in that case.
  • Clay County, KY, where GOP officials were convicted of massive voter fraud and sentenced to 156 years in prison as a result.
  • James O'Keefe's little sting operation in New Hampshire, where he sent operatives into New Hampshire precincts for the express purpose of committing voter fraud in order to prove fraud could be committed, after a mystery benefactor ponied up $50,000 for him to do it.

Yet, crickets from Ms. Megyn on these incidents. Fair and balanced? Only if balance means tilting reporting to try and demonstrate Roger Ailes' theory that Democrats do things Republicans have done for years and years and years.



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