April 5, 2012- I first told you about three of the fake Democratic candidates. The next day I told you of the fourth one identified. Now, thanks to an astute friend of Cog Dis, we know the names of all six reprobates as the GOP shamelessly boasts about their lack of respect for the voters:

GOP spokesman Ben Sparks says Gladys Huber will run for governor; Isaac Weix will run for lieutenant governor; and Gary Ellerman, Tamara Varebrook, James Engel and James Buckley will run in four state Senate recalls.

Engel will be running as a fake Democrat against former state representative Kristen Dexter, an Eau Claire Democrat who declared her candidacy against Republican State Sen. Terry Moulton in Chippewa Falls in January.

The real kicker is when the GOP claims they won't spend any money on these races. Based on their past practice, that's a bunch of bull manure.



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