-By Erin Mershon

September 20, 2012- In the off chance that Democrats take back the House in November, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has dreamed up quite a busy first day for her return to the Speaker's podium.

After laying out the Democrats' path back to the House Thursday, Pelosi ticked off a bold list of the achievements she most wants to see on day one – including perhaps, a constitutional amendment.

First and foremost was a jobs bill, based largely on President Obama's, she said. Second on the list was passing the DISCLOSE Act, a bill introduced in 2010 that would effectively overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

If the bill isn't enough to get the job done, she won't stop there.

We would "amend the constitution to overturn Citizens United, reform the whole money in politics to take it to public financing of campaigns, and elect — and I don't care if they're Democrats or Republicans — elect reformers to save our democracy. Keeping it the government of the many not the government of the money."

Sure, Pelosi famously passed a flurry of legislation during her first 100 legislative hours in 2007 – but five years later, it seems she's ready to cram an equally ambitious agenda into her first 24.



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