October 18, 2012- If the Romney’s can’t win legally, they’ll take over Ohio’s electronic voting machines through investments, a direct conflict of interest in a contentious state in this election.

The new owners of Ohio’s voting machines under the brand name HART Intercivic is none other than Tagg Romney the son of one of the candidates Mitt Romney. In recent weeks Tagg has taken a more “active role in his father’s campaign management” but when you look further, he also has a major problem with that role.

By virtue of conflict of interest alone, this role should be investigated by the DOJ preferably involving the addition of the FBI, Homeland Security and the CIA to ensure this connection will not endanger the vote in Ohio and other states.

After all isn’t the security of an election both state and federal authorities responsibility to ensure the election is not stolen, tampered, or results altered?

Tagg Romney the heir to the Romney fortunes (through Vulture Capitalism) is a chip off the old block and his dad scored big destroying American jobs through leveraging profitable US companies. Unfortunately for the employees of these companies they lost their jobs to cheaper labor in China sweat factories.

In 2008, after Romney lost the 2008 bid for President, it was all clear for Mitt Romney’s son Tagg Romney to invest in a company called Solamere Capital which is a direct subsidiary of Allen Stanford’s Bank and investment companies.



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