-By Arturo Garcia

October 20, 2012- On her show Saturday, Melissa Harris-Perry addressed some of the newer, more subtle voter-suppression tactics being reported not only in several states, but now in different languages.

Besides billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin threatening enormous fines and prison sentences for “voter fraud,” Harris-Perry noted the appearance of a Spanish-language billboard spotted in Pennsylvania telling voters, “Si Quieres Votar Muéstrala,” or, “If you want to vote, show it,” a reference to the state voter identification law that was largely struck down in court earlier this month.

In reality, she noted, poll workers in Pennsylvania may ask voters to show identification, but voters are under no obligation to provide it, nor can a refusal to do so be used to deny them the right to cast a ballot.

Whatever the language, the message on all of these billboards translates to confusion and intimidation for voters,” Harris-Perry said.



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