-By Emily Swanson

February 22, 2013- The Supreme Court announced this week that it would hear McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, a case challenging the cap on the total amount that individuals can give to federal candidates as a violation of free speech. This is not an issue that worries most Americans.

In fact, restrictions on both the amount of money Americans can donate to individual federal candidates and the total amount they can donate over a two-year election cycle enjoy broad support from the public, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll.

The survey found that only 12 percent of Americans think there should be no limit on the total amount a person can donate to federal candidates. Forty-four percent said the current limit of $46,200 was too high, while 18 percent said it was about right. Another 5 percent said it was too low, and 23 percent said they weren't sure.

Respondents were just as unlikely to say there should be no limit on donations to individual candidates: Only 11 percent agreed with that statement. Thirty-eight percent said the current limit of $2,600 per election was about right, 22 percent said it was too high, and 5 percent said it was too low. (The $2,600 limit has risen since last year and applies separately to the primary and general elections.)

Limits both on donations to individual candidates and on total contributions received support across party lines, with majorities of Democratic, Republican, and independent respondents saying current donation limits were either too high or about right.



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