-By Erin Ruberry

June 17, 2013- Welcome to Washington, where frozen treats and political activism meet.

On Tuesday, the Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in Union Station will dish out more than just cones of Half Baked. From noon to 5:00 p.m., co-founder Ben Cohen and his crew will hand out dollar bills stamped with phrases like "Stamp Money Out Of Politics" in an attempt to raise awareness of money's influence on the electoral process.

The Stamp Stampede's ultimate goal: A Constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United and declaring "1) money is not speech; and, 2) corporations are not people."

Is it legal to deface American currency? According to the Stamp Stampede's lawyers, yes:

It’s legal to stamp political messages on US currency. Many people assume that it’s illegal to stamp or write on paper currency, but that’s not the case. It’s illegal to destroy paper currency or deface it so much that it’s no longer recognizable and has to be taken out of circulation. But the intent of the Stampede is to make sure that these dollars STAY in circulation to help spread the message and build momentum for change. You can read the complete legal statement from our lawyer here.



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