Senator Jon Tester of Montana has just introduced our People’s Rights Amendment in the U.S Senate to reverse the US Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC and to make it clear that corporations do not have constitutional rights, as if they were people.  This marks the first introduction in the US Senate of a constitutional amendment bill to overturn fully the fabricated doctrine of corporate constitutional rights and ensure that people, not corporations, shall govern in America.

In addition to this major development, Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico has just introduced a new version of a constitutional amendment bill he sponsored last year, with support from 25 other US Senators, that will enable us to end the outsized influence of big money over our politics and will allow for overall limits on campaign spending.  Senator Udall’s amendment bill, which we also helped to shape, would overturn an earlier, equally damaging Supreme Court ruling in Buckley v. Valeo (from 1976), which said that campaign spending is a form of “free speech”.  As Warren Rudman, the late Republican US Senator from New Hampshire, wrote, “free speech can hardly be called free when only the rich are heard.” 

To contact your senators and support these amendments CLICK HERE:


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