Committee has biggest month ever during non-election year

-By Adam Wollner

July 22, 2013- The political action committee of Koch Industries — the energy and chemicals company led by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch — gave more money in June to federal political candidates and committees than it ever has in any other month during a non-election year.

KOCHPAC contributed $262,000 to dozens of politicians, political parties and other PACs in June, Federal Election Commission records indicate.

KOCHPAC’s previous record for the most money given in one month during an off-year came in June 2011, when it distributed $227,500 to candidates and political committees.

Its June 2013 spending also represents the fifth-largest amount of money it’s spent during any month, election year or not, according to a Center for Public Integrity review of federal records and data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

The most money KOCHPAC has ever donated to federal-level candidates and committees during a single month is $575,000, in September 2006.

KOCHPAC’s monster month in June is a continuation of its fastest start to any election cycle, as it contributed $559,000 from the beginning of the year through the end of May, as the Center for Public Integrity previously reported.

One of the PAC’s top beneficiaries in June was Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., who will face a primary challenge from Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

KOCHPAC contributed $7,500 to Enzi’s campaign prior to Cheney officially announcing her candidacy.



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