We are calling all Americans to action to demand a new presidential election free from fraud, corruption, and Russian influence. We can accomplish this through Congressional legislation, federal litigation, and citizen activism.

Other countries that were targets of foreign election meddling mandated new elections to protect their democracies. The highest courts in Kenya, Austria, and Ukraine all ordered new presidential elections to redress fraud and hacking. The Ukraine Parliament ordered a new presidential election when the results were rigged. Now we, the United States, must do the same.

We can show the world that we are a nation of laws and a beacon of hope for free and fair elections everywhere.

Let’s crowd source this campaign by raising funds, enlisting the best legal minds, the most effective citizen activists, and social media experts. Let’s create the hottest slogans, memes and graphics. And let’s use social media the way it’s supposed to be used – for the public good. We will call for a new date for a special presidential election or piggyback on the 2018 midterms.

DONATE NOW to this cause so we can get rolling with real ads on Facebook and Twitter, with honest lawyers who love our country, with seasoned election advocacy experts and graphic artists to spread the message, and with viral messages on social media that cannot be ignored.



It is no longer debatable whether Russia and a handful of traitorous Americans colluded with Russian criminals and political leaders rigged the 2016 presidential election. This is unacceptable. The 25th Amendment and criminal prosecutions are not able to redress the harm done to our country. Only a new election, protected from outside influences and hacking, will right the wrong that has been perpetrated against us.

ProtectOurElections has been on the forefront of the Russia election-rigging story. We have been exposing Donald Trump’s longtime associate and senior political advisor Paul Manafort’s misdeeds since 2008. In March 2016, we sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch warning of the coming election manipulation by Russia. In February 2016, we warned that Cambridge Analytica could hack the election with data manipulation. In March 2016, we turned over the Manafort Black Ledger to the mainstream media along with a background dossier on how Manafort could use the Ukraine election-rigging template in the United States. In August 2016, we again warned that Cambridge Analytica would be the key to Trump’s election rigging. And in September 2016, we sent another letter to AG Lynch demanding that the elections be protected from Russian hacking.

Now, we need your help to protect the United States democracy in this historic initiative calling for a new election to undue the harm cause by Russian meddling in the 2016 election.


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