In a stunning series of revelations, Ed Gillespie, the Republican nominee for governor of Virginia, and his lobbying firm Quinn Gillespie and Associates were paid millions of dollars to represent the Republik Srpska and its OFAC listed President Milorad Dodik. The one thing that is clear here is that Ed Gillespie supported a foreign government built on ethnic cleansing and genocide. It is very clear from these documents that the firm was paid millions of dollars to push out false narratives about the Serbian conflict to line his pockets while hundreds of thousands of innocent people were murdered. Calls to the campaign to query them on these revelations went unanswered by press time. We will update more on this developing story.


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Ed Gillespie, like Paul Manafort, sold his soul to a ruthless dictator who loves Russia but hates America, NATO and Europe. Gillespie’s lobbying firm was paid almost 6 million dollars to represent the interests of the Republika Srpska and its ruthless President Milorad Dodik.

The US Treasury Department under both the Obama and Trump administrations imposed sanctions against Dodik for “actively obstructing the “Dayton Peace Accords” by calling for secession and supporting convicted Bosnian war criminals who directed the slaughter of 100,000 innocents. Those war criminals were charged with Genocide, Religious Persecution, Crimes Against Humanity, Extermination, Murder, Deportation, Inhumane Acts, Spreading of Terror, Hostage Taking, and Illegal Attacks on Civilians.

Despite these extreme sanctions, Dodik sought the help of Ed Gillespie to secure a visa to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump, but even that was denied because Dodik is such an abomination. But Gillespie was successful in setting up conferences for Dodik, issuing press releases bragging about his relationship with Dodik, and publishing Dodik propaganda after he trashed America and NATO, and threatened the stability of the Balkans despite a heartbreaking war and the death of tens of thousands of women and children.

Ed Gillespie’s palling around with Dodik and accepting millions to sanitize and sugarcoat his God-awful behavior clearly shows that Gillespie has no morality or ethics. He sold his influence to the worst of the worst.

Ed Gillespie did not care one bit about the innocent victims of Bonsia, Herzegovina and Srebrenitza when he was lining his pockets with millions from Milorad Dodik. However, Virginians must remember the testimony of civilians at the war crimes trial of Dodik’s heros:

• “The Serbs began at a certain point to take girls and young women out of the group of refugees. They were raped. The rapes often took place under the eyes of others and sometimes even under the eyes of the children of the mother.”
• “There was a woman with a small baby a few months old. A soldier told the mother that the child must stop crying. When the child did not stop crying, he snatched the child away and cut its throat. Then he laughed.”
• “There was a girl, she must have been about nine years old. At a certain moment some soldiers told her brother to rape the girl. He did not do it. Then they murdered that young boy. In the same way I also saw other people who were murdered. Some of them had their throats cut. Others were beheaded.”
• “[W]e saw two Serb soldiers, one of them was standing guard and the other one was lying on the nine-year-old girl, with his pants off. And we saw a girl lying on the ground, on some kind of mattress. There was blood on the mattress, even she was covered with blood. She had bruises on her legs. There was even blood coming down her legs. She was in total shock. She went totally crazy.”
• “Boys were systematically rounded up, slaughtered and burned alive by the thousands.”
• “After the forced starvation of the people n Srebrenitza, more than 8000 civilians were shot and bulldozed into mass graves, many while still alive.”
• “Pregnant women were slain by cutting them open and ripping out their babies.”
• “Civilians who wished to surrender walked back towards the column: one had his eyes gouged out, his ears had been cut off and a cross carved into his forehead.”
• “The mass executions followed a well-established pattern. The men were first taken to empty schools or warehouses. After being detained there for some hours, they were loaded onto buses or trucks and taken to another site for execution. Usually, the execution fields were in isolated locations. Once at the killing fields, the men were taken off the trucks in small groups, lined up and shot.”
• “I could tell that people had been completely disembodied and I could feel bones of the people that had been hit by those bursts of bullets or shells, I could feel their ribs crushing.”

These are the stories that Ed Gillespie ignored while he raked in millions. A vote for him would be a reward for his dishonor of all those who died and suffered in a war supported by Milorad Dodik. It would reward him for his years of undermining the security interests of America and its allies. Virginians do not reward evil, and should not do so on November 7th.

This is a developing story and there is much more that will be added to it in the coming days.

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