Oh really? I remember when Sarah Palin did the same thing. She asked “her people” as she called them for advice, in the form of money and donations of course, to help her decide if she should run for POTUS. Of course she raised a million or more out of that decision period, then she announced after about a week or two that she’d made a decision and would announce it soon. A few more dollars for donuts rolled in and in anticipation of her big announcement, she quietly released it to very little fanfare on her Facebook page. She decided after long and hard thoughts and prayers that she just couldn’t make a run for it. But hey she said, thanks for all that money you donated to “help her think” about it.

In the case of Trump, its pretty easy to see where he’s going with it. He’s facing prosecution (sure yeah, we all want to believe it) from numerous areas, and he surmises that they can’t bring a case if he’s seen as a candidate for POTUS because then the prosecution would look tainted. Meanwhile Milk Jug Garland (the guy missing in action who is supposed to make these decisions) just keeps letting that clock roll forward until Trump makes that official announcement, and then Garland has an easy escape hatch to get out of actually holding Trump accountable by claiming: well, ya know, we can’t prosecute members of Congress or POTUS candidates etc, so hey, maybe if Trump loses we’ll look at it then.

It’s all such bullshit, The whole stinking game is such bullshit. I remember this same stuff back during Mueller. Yes, Jimmy 3 Sticks was going to make Trump pay. Now we know he never even looked at Trump because he was too afraid of him, and of course he’s part of the Republican system so hey, he gave Trump a pass and most of the underlings that did fall under Mueller only did 10 days in jail or less. Back then though you could hear the howls, Mueller knows all, Mueller will get him, and all of them with endless streams of them walking the hallways in media clips. Rod Rosenstien, remember that piece of shit? Yeah, he ended up getting some cushy job with some deep state level group that has some really scary connections to some scary outfits that are better left unsaid here.

The point is though, we all lived through that and we all thought that Justice would be served. Well, fooled your asses right? Now, with Milk Jug Garland on the case the same bullshit is being said again. It takes a LONG TIME to build a case, you just don’t understand, the wheels of justice are always slow. They build cases from the ground up ya know.

The reality: first they had to clog up the system with hillbillies so it would grind to a halt, then it’s a resource issue so the excuse will eventually be: we don’t have enough manpower to go after the bigger fish because ya know our budget was cut, it can take awhile, Garland never leaks etc etc etc. Yeah, they said the same bullshit with Mueller. And the same outcomes will happen here too. No one in the upper level will face anything serious, and when the Republican crime family gets back in power they will pardon everyone that had anything to do with it.

Makes me wonder though looking back in hindsight, was Lee Harvey Oswald a lone gunman or was he really just a patsy? Yeah, knowing what we know now about how corrupt this system is, well, one can kinda get to thinking that it’s been corrupt like this for a very long time. It didn’t just happen overnight or with the explosion in social media or the internet. It’s been corrupt going back to the early founding fathers I will bet. And if that’s so, I wonder, did they have to power to control the media back then to? Let’s see, only 3 channels available, only 3 news divisions out there to control, every state was run like a police state, hrmmm..

Anyway, this story was produced by NYMAG, and it’s filled with the same bullshit you’d expect. It’s a puff piece for Trump’s campaign which discusses how Trump’s team is already prepping and the story even names names of those literally buying office space and getting a national organization put together. As usual the media wants to get in early so they will be getting all those ad dollars and clicks from that Trump name, so first one in to write puff pieces for that grifter piece of shit Trump will of course get early access to Trump when they need it.

So like 2016, it is all aboard the media ecosystem, get your press passes ready because Trump’s campaign is about to go full swing ahead, even if its a few years early. And he’s running early only because they need to keep Trump out of jail, not because he really gives two flying fucks for hillbillies or Americans, it’s just to stay out of jail. But hillbillies understand that all too well of course and no criminal charges will prevent them for voting for their glorious golden toilet shitting leader.

Source: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/article/donald-trump-2024-decision.html

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