How’s this for dumb bitch of the week? Trump endorsed Kari Lake claimed that she was seeing voter stealing going on and as soon as she said it she started winning in the vote count. How is that fraud going you dumb bitch?

Well, it stands to reason that STEALING VOTES is going on, matter of fact, she must have had hackers hack into the machines to alter the vote counts. You bet there is some stealing going on. I smell fraud up to my eyeballs, and it’s the one who calls out the stealing first that’s really guilty, and that was Kari Lake in my honest opinion!! In my opinion, that fraudulent vote stealing bitch needs to be investigated for election fraud. Some comments from around various social media:

Taylor Robson should REFUSE to concede and claim that she defrauded the vote count!!!

Robson should get a recount, then lawsuits need to be filed showing her fraud!!!

Kari Lake has now reversed her earlier loss, how fraudulent is that????

That dumb bitch shouldn’t be anywhere near a seat in politics!!!

Kari Lake should be on her hands and knees digging ditches in the hot Arizona sun!!.

She should be eating green baloney sandwiches for lunch!!!

She should be on her knees where she belongs, cooking meals for her right wing husband barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!!!

How dare she get out and get a job!!!

She belongs at home taking care of the babies and children!!! 

She should be homeschooling those children!!!

She should be treating her children to nightly book burnings!!!!

Of course these are right wing talking points. They claim the above when talking about liberals and then when they don’t play along, the right wing outrage machine goes into high gear. Well guess what, liberals and dems need to do the same thing they do but back at them, and 10 times, no, 100 times, no, 10000000 times harder than they do.


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