The kettle calling the pot black circus performance artist Mike Lindell will run the same scam as he’s been running since Trump lost. So, this was throwing the chewed up bone to him for his efforts to unseat the current RNC chair. Funny thing is though: he’s been running this same scam for a very long time, so he didn’t need the RNC to even pitch him an idea or a position, as he already has been doing this circus performance for years. I guess he just made up this position and told the public he got something out of his failed effort to become the RNC chair.

Story below:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell revealed that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has promised to allow him to run an “election crime unit” for the 2020 elections.

After getting only four votes for RNC chair, Lindell made a Monday morning appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast.

“I’ll have a plan where all of you can get involved going forward,” Lindell said. “And I’m going to be going to states, Steve. I’m not missing a beat. Starting this week, I’m going to be flying into at least three states.”

“We need to hold the RNC accountable,” he continued. “They did say, ‘I will work with Mike Lindell; I can’t wait to work with Mike Lindell.’ Well, when you work with me, it’s election crime, not a weak word like election integrity. It’s called the election crime.”

Lindell added: “Later in the week, we’re setting up the election crime unit, Steve. So everybody stay tuned. It’s going to be big.”

The pillow executive also expressed disappointment because the media mocked him for receiving four votes for RNC chair.

“Rasmussen polls came out on Thursday, everybody, last Thursday!” he recalled. “And it had me almost doubling both [Ronna McDaniel] and [Harmeet Dhillon]. So, what does that say? It says the people want not only change, but what do I represent in that change?”

And, Steve, the media, they didn’t know what to do with that,” Lindell remarked. “They go, ‘Oh, Mike only got four votes.’ Well, the people that voted me in, you know, they decided to go against the people’s wishes. What our country wanted, they decided to vote the other way.”


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