The longtime aide will once again be on the presidential campaign staff.

Longtime Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller is joining his 2024 presidential campaign as the operation starts building out its team based in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Miller — who worked on Trump’s 2016 and 2020 bids — is stepping down from his role as the CEO of GETTR, a right-wing social media site that was developed to rival Twitter but was often overshadowed by Trump’s own platform, Truth Social. Miller’s 2024 role will be as senior adviser, similar to the one he played in 2020, in which he provided strategic guidance for the campaign.

Miller served as Trump’s spokesperson after his administration ended. But he left that gig to launch GETTR. Even then, he still worked as a kind of informal adviser to the former president, appearing at Mar-a-Lago political events and more recently, on Trump’s plane during his first official stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina last month.

“It was always a matter of when and not if I returned to help re-elect President Trump in 2024, and seeing the current state of the country under Joe Biden I couldn’t remain sidelined any longer,” said Miller in a statement. “You can impact the world a lot by launching a social media platform, but nothing compares to getting President Trump back into office.“

Miller is a longtime trusted adviser to Trump and well-known GOP political operative. When it was reported he had been conducting an extramarital affair with another 2016 campaign aide — one that resulted in an out-of-wedlock child — he backed out of serving as the Trump White House’s communication director.

Miller was subsequently embroiled in a legal battle over child support. But he never strayed far from Trump world and was welcomed back into the fold for the 2020 run and, now, for 2024.

Miller joins what has been described as a “scrappier” Trump campaign operation based just a few miles from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach. The new campaign offices are, according to aides, a more traditional set up compared with Trump’s 2016 operation based out of the gilded Trump Tower in midtown New York or the 2020 campaign operation based out of a slick Virginia high rise across the river from the White House. Currently, there are around 40 staffers working for the campaign.

The campaign is being led by longtime Republican operatives Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita. There are also other familiar faces from previous campaigns as part of Trump’s team.

Brian Jack, a veteran of the 2016 Trump campaign and the White House Political Director, is focused on the nuts and bolts of presidential primary politics. Justin Caporale, a campaign and White House alum is leading external affairs and operations, Scott Gast, a former White House ethics lawyer is working as the campaign lawyer and Boris Epshteyn, a current legal adviser to Trump is also advising his campaign.

Trump’s policy advisers and speechwriters, Ross Worthington and Vincent Haley, also joined Trump from his time in the White House. And Steven Cheung, a campaign and White House alum, now oversees communications and press.

Trump’s campaign is expected to name additional hires in early states soon and will continue to hold rallies after Trump’s first two stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina last month.


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