Embattled MAGA rapper J.R. Majewski announced he is running for Ohio’s deep-red 9th Congressional District after losing there in the midterm elections.

Majewski, who was dogged by reports that he contradicted his public claims about service in the military, argued that he came close to coming out on top last time and plans to seal the deal in the 2024 cycle.

“Today I am formally announcing my Congressional Campaign for #OH09. In 2022, we started a movement. While Kaptur ran one of the most dishonest campaigns in history, we came closer flipping OH09 than anyone has in 41yrs. This time we win,” he tweeted.

Historically, the 9th district, which hugs Lake Eerie, had a heavily blue tilt and a 16-point advantage for Democrats on the old congressional map, according to an analysis from FiveThirtyEight. Redistricting rendered it a 6-point lean toward Republicans, according to the assessment.

Former President Donald Trump won the district narrowly in 2020, but Majewski lost handily to incumbent Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) by roughly 13 percentage points in 2022. His defeat came as Republicans’ prophesied red wave withered into a trickle nationally.

Majewski emerged out of a crowded primary and clinched the endorsement of Trump. But then, he was hit by a September article from the Associated Press finding no records backing his claim of parking in a combat tour in Afghanistan. Instead, the outlet found evidence he was loading planes in Qatar at the time.

He disputed the report and suggested his missions in Afghanistan were classified. The news outlet also reported that he was prohibited from reenlisting in the Air Force due to a DUI he had. Amid the controversy, national Republicans cut funding for him, something he later blamed for his loss.

“You see, Marcy Kaptur, who I like to call ‘Corrupt Kaptur,’ was recently exposed. She was caught spending millions of dollars lying about my military career. I’m proud to stand with the truth, and I’m proud that my record has been vindicated,” Majewski said in a campaign launch video.

Democrats only need to flip five seats to recapture control of the House.

Ohio’s congressional map in the 2022 cycle was temporarily imposed amid a court dispute. Conservatives strengthened their majority in the state Supreme Court and are hoping to hold on to those apportionment advantages.

Source: JR Majewski launches congressional campaign after losing in 2022: ‘This time, we win’ | Washington Examiner

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