During an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday morning, former Republican party campaign strategist Rick Wilson said Democrats have their work cut out for them in the 2024 election cycle where he expects Donald Trump will be at the top of the Republican Party ticket.

However, he told host Ali Velshi, the GOP has handed Democrats a gift that could not only allow them to hold onto the White House but also make inroads in conservative districts where normally they haven’t been competitive.

Wilson, known for his hard-hitting ads as a principal at the Lincoln Project, claimed that abortion rights will cast a pall over Republican Party candidates’ campaigns and that Democrats need to hit them hard on it.

By way of explaining, he noted progressive Democrats previously handed Republicans a cudgel to beat Democrats with — and now they should return the favor.

“I want my Democratic friends to listen to this very closely,” he began. “Because in 2020, the stupidest single line in American politics was ever uttered: it was ‘defund the police.’ It was a poison with everybody, including African American voters.”

“‘Six-week abortion ban’ is ‘defund the police’ for Republicans,” he explained. “It pulls them through the floor, everyone hates it. Republicans — look — about 25 percent of Republican women are pro-choice moderately, or somewhat, but pro-choice. About 18 percent of Republican men are pro-choice.”

“The Republican Party that I grew up in was about getting the government out of life, out of your personal decisions, out of your bedroom, out of your wallet, out of your behavior, within the law,” he elaborated. “And this six-week abortion ban stuff? It is radioactive waste for the Republicans right now. And in the states where they passed it, Democrats have a chance to make real inroads.”

Source: Rick Wilson hands Democrats their top talking point to turn 2024 GOP candidates ‘radioactive’ – Raw Story – Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism

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