OMG, another useless appeal from Kari Lake. The loser just can’t accept losing her election. the other day she claimed God wanted her to lose and so she appeared finally able to accept defeat. Now, today, she has decided to file another frivolous appeal claiming she has new evidence that shows the election was rigged against her.

Story below:

Pathological election denier Kari Lake on Wednesday announced that she is once again mounting a legal challenge against her loss in 2022’s Arizona gubernatorial elections. Speaking ahead of her “Defend America” rally, Lake told conservative TV network Real America’s Voice: “Our attorney’s just filed a notice for appeal.” She went on to explain that her team “now have the video” to support claims of misconduct in Maricopa County. Lake has evidently not been deterred by her stolen election claims already being rebuffed in multiple trials and appeals, with her latest courtroom defeat coming in May. “We are not stopping,” Lake added. “I will never back down. That election was stolen from the people and there will be no way that I back down from that. I just won’t, because it’s wrong, what happened.”

Source: Kari Lake Is Appealing Her Election Loss Again (

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