The Trump-backed “audit” of the 2020 election in Arizona ended disastrously for the former president as it not only confirmed President Joe Biden won the state, but it actually gave him a bigger final margin than the official state tally.

And now the Arizona Republic is reporting that newly unearthed text messages sent by the CEO of the company that conducted the audit show that it was an even bigger debacle than had been previously reported.

The newspaper has reviewed text messages sent by Cyber Ninjas boss Doug Logan showing that the man leading the audit of the Arizona vote was often confused and bewildered by what his own data was showing.

“I looped back to look through all of the aggregation data again,” he wrote in one text dated July 5th, 2021. “It (is) pretty broken. A lot of it doesn’t make any sense.”

A couple of months later, on September 13th, Logan said that it “looks like basically our numbers are screwy.”

What’s more, reports the Arizona Republic, Logan said in text messages sent after volunteers had completed a hand recount that he “had no way to tally the results.”

To make things worse, writes the paper, Logan never figured out a way to do a proper tally.

“For weeks, Logan tried unsuccessfully to tally more than 70,000 sheets where volunteers recorded individual votes with tick marks,” the report states. “He worked with a technology expert named Mike Piehota, but they couldn’t come up with a computer system to read the marks.”

The newspaper reached out to Logan for comment but so far he has completely refused to answer any questions about the text messages.


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