The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is spending six figures in ads for Virginia House races amplifying the GOP rifts in the speaker fight, POLITICO has learned.

This spending from the DLCC is the latest example of Democrats starting to broaden messaging against Republicans with the speaker’s race as a key cudgel. While Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has mentioned informal talks on a possible bipartisan solution, Democrats have largely not raced to aid the GOP in the gavel fight.

“Republican dysfunction has become a hallmark of national politics,” said spokesperson Abhi Rahman. “If national Republicans continue to show they won’t govern, why would Virginia Republicans be any different?”

The ad spending also comes as government funding is set to run out on Nov. 17. Thousands of federal government workers who live in Virginia would be affected by a government shutdown, an angle DLCC is using in its messaging.

“It’s time to elect Democrats who will do the job they were elected to do, safeguard our fundamental freedoms like access to an abortion, and put the needs of their constituents over petty, political games,” Rahman said.


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