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DHS Chief: Hackers Could Infiltrate Voting System

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Wednesday he is increasingly concerned that hackers could infiltrate the nation’s electoral system and said the Obama administration is considering ways to bolster it from attacks. With an increasing number of voting machines using wireless technology to collect and tabulate votes, the risk of cyber attacks has grown significantly,…


Russia and other states could hack the US election by attacking voting machines

As we’ve said before, voting machines are in fact hackable. They can be hacked by unsophisticated means, and if you add in Russian hackers who are by all intents and purposes, extremely sophisticated, these machines are probably very vulnerable to being hacked. More from BoingBoing.net: It’s been more than 16 years since faulty voting machine…


The Class Inversion of American Politics Accelerates

Donald Trump’s Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar white voters, as college-educated white voters slip away. The reshaping of the two parties’ coalitions under the blast-force pressure of Donald Trump’s iconoclastic candidacy may reach unprecedented heights in 2016, the first polls released after the GOP convention suggest. National surveys released on Monday by CBS…

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